Clothing for outdoor activities

Paul & Shark – technologic clothing for outdoor activities

First of all, Paul & Shark – this tech clothing for outdoor activities. On the other hand, bright colors and an abundance of knitwear make a brand appealing to fans of the style casual.

History of the brand started in 1921, in a suburb of Milan appeared a small company producing sportswear for men. As benchmarks were chosen nautical theme and a specific kind of sports – yachting. Development of new materials that allow travel in extreme conditions, carefully monitored, and then used in production, which has become a distinguishing feature of the Paul & Shark and allowed the company to go international.

Since its establishment, the company has always considered quality of one of the most important elements of success. Every day in a special research center R & D (Research and Development Centre), established Paul & Shark, exploring new technological materials and analyze tests of a professional team of yachtsmen, equipment which consists of clothes of this brand.

Over time, there were female line, clothing for teenagers and esthetic line Golf. Now Paul & Shark store with indispensable wheel and wood trim can be found in almost any country.