A. Guardiani

Alberto Guardiani foot wear in IsraelAlberto Guardiani foot wear is the best traditions and quality “made in Italy”. The company confirms this philosophy by the precise lines of its models.

The founders of such popular and known Italian shoe model named “Luxury Alberto Guardian” are Guardiani brothers.

The history of their success began in 1940 when they opened a man foot-wear workshop.

They selected centaur to be the symbol of their models -the hero of antique legends centaur represents vital energy and force.

Centaur was the source of their inspiration.

Alberto, the son of Dino Guardiani continued his father business in the best traditions of large Italian family.

In 1978 Alberto Guardiani presented his line, which until the present day continues to personify traditional Italian classical style for the refined and demanding buyers.

The models intended, first of all, for men. In every collection you will find calm man shoes models with any possible height required, with sharp and slightly rounded edge, with or without fastening lightning.

Bu here the classic ends and being replaced by the glamour form of fastened felt tops of the boot or crocodile leather lettering.

Today Alberto still works on three more lines: Low Tide, Blue Again and Alberto Guardiani Sport.

Until this day Alberto Guardiani’s brand continues its philosophy of following traditions both in perfect design and high-quality foot wear production.

Even after half century existence, the use of manual labor remains topical.