Diesel in IsraelDiesel is well known Italian fashion house, which proposes original man and women clothing and also children clothing. Diesel means not only special clothing, it is a complete lifestyle.

Large popularity in entire world, including in Israel, enjoy jeans made by Diesel.
The company was found on 1978, and by the time of its existence Diesel achieved great success.

Diesel earned this success thanks to the Renzo Rosso’s house of fashion, who since 1985 is being Diesel’s only shareholder. Renzo Rosso is a brilliant person who created many successful brands. But the Diesel brand, as he say, is not only his work, it his life.

Diesel’s fashion house has enormous number of boutiques around the world therefore Diesel products are also presented in our man clothing store.

By entering Diesel’s department, you will find different types of clothing and foot-wear for man, large assortment of accessories which are necessary for real fashion mongers.

Each year the brand proposes to its fans two seasonal collections, each of the collections counts around 20 thousand designations. You must admit that it is very hard not to find something with this kind of selection.

Diesel fashion house compares to other brands, counts a sufficiently large quantity of lines, which can easily sweep you off your feet. Diesel’s manager and designers tried to consider the tastes and the needs of different social groups.

Diesel Denim, Spare Parts (underwear, belts, accessories), Diesel Leather, Diesel Kids, 55 DSL (snow- and skateboard line), Jewelry Diesel, Diesel Shades (sun glasses), Diesel Perfume – this is an incomplete list of production directions made by Diesel. Moreover, the company does not intend to stop on this and planning to extend the production at the expense of other production forms.

Thus, if you interested to have a special appearance, if your goal is always to be one step before the world fashion, if you like to have your style, Diesel’s clothing is created for you!