Versace in IsraelIt is already more than thirty years that Versace’s fashion house gladdens real worshippers of high fashion by its unsurpassed collections of clothing. Gianni Versace, the founder of fashionable house, knew how to create unique image. He charmed the fans of authentic beauty and amazed them with frankness, sexuality and glamour.

1978 year can be named as the beginning of personal career for Gianni Versace since he created his company “Gianni Versace SpA“, where Versace was able to present his own collection of clothing on worldwide markets.

In March 1978 years 34 years old Gianni and his elder brother Santo opened their first boutique in Milan, where they presented the first significant collection of woman’s clothing. Sufficiently soon – September of the same year, collection of man’s clothing was presented to the judgment of fashion lovers.

In woman’s clothing Gianni was always attracted by tight clothes, miniskirts, very deep cleavage, and open hands and back. Sensuality, sexuality and frankness are main components of Versace’s fashionable collections.

Versace in IsraelPrecisely Versace revived narrow trousers fashion, extremely short skirts, corsets and covering suits. He is also known by the fact for never being stingy on most beautiful and high paid models for the advertisement of his collections. Versace was one of the first designers who began to invite world famous photographers for conducting advertising campaigns and photography sessions. Versace’s fashion presentations are a complete show: with music, decorations and famous actors and musicians involved.

Gianni Versace developed original designs of the varied accessories. Jewelry items, bags, suitcases and perfumery were among those accessories.

On the presentation of his autumn-winter collection of 1991-1992, Gianni Versace gathered together on his podium best worldwide models: Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista. He introduced to the world of fashion so common concept as top model.

On this day, Versace’s empire is one of the largest and most successful fashion houses.

Versace’s items became objects of the collectivization, which frequently displayed in the largest worldwide museums. They are art of creation. Gianni Versace’s name will forever remain in the history of fashion world, and his famous designed sense and impudence of making the ideas real will serve many generations of young designers.