Cavalli Jeans

Cavalli JeansRoberto Cavalli’s fashion house is one of the most noble fashion houses, and it became the integral part of high fashion society.

Robero Cavalli appeared in world of high fashion by the sixties of past century and immediately astonished fashion world by his unique style which amazingly combined the knowledge obtained in the academy with the new trends and new ideas about the music and fashion.

The basic working material that Roberto selected was leather which that far was used only for sewing the jackets with sport cut out.Cavalli Jeans

Roberto Cavalli’s name will forever remain in the history of high fashion thanks to achievements such as:

– Precisely Roberto Cavalli invented the famous flap technology.

– He also proved that it is possible to use leather not only for sport jackets sewing, but also for luxurious stylish items.

– Roberto Cavalli developed the new technology of the laser figure putting.

– Roberto Cavalli was the first to take rays of the African sun and paints of tropical forests and involve them in fashion style.

Among the clients of Roberto Cavalli’s house of fashion were noted in different times widely known personalities such as: Madonna, Britney Spears, Cindy Crowford, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Tina Turner, Holly Berry, Catherine Zeta Jones, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Elton John, Cher, Lenny Kravitz, John Bon Jovi and Bono.

However, Cavalli’s fashion house patterns are not celebrities clothing only, they are also accessible to fashion mongers with less famous names.

Cavalli’ clothing, as a designer himself states is “fashion for those, who are young by soul and feel young at any age”. Roberto Cavalli’s clothing label used both by solid business woman and youngsters who simply enjoy the youth line named Just Cavalli.

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