Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss in IsraelHugo Boss model relates to type of brands, which made completely influential contribution to the development of fashion.

Today Hugo Boss is one of the most influential companies in fashion world.

Like the majority of known fashion houses, Hugo Boss owned by one of the financial magnates – Gruppo Marzotto, managed by Pietro Mardzotto. Today Bruno Zeltzer is the head chief of the company and he determines the policy of the company and direct company’s development.

In clothing Hugo Boss makes accent on the classic style, mostly these are suits and coats, and also different models of classic foot-wear, in other words everything a business man need for his clothing.

The company was found by Hugo Boss in city of Mettsingene (Germany) in 1923, only a few years after the end of the First World War, this despite to the fact that entire Germany was stated in deep economical crisis.

Despite that, the first suit, which made Hugo Boss famous, was released in 1954, six years after the death of Hugo.

In 1970 Hugo’s grandsons Uwe and Jochen Holy placed their grandfather business on the right course. Precisely they affirmed the name of their grandfather as the company’s official name. The name was very solid, it was read well and was easily pronounced in all languages. Step by step they began to assert the authority of company in the international arena and increased capacity of sales.

As we said, Hugo Boss makes accent on classical style of clothing.

Hugo Boss’s model has several lines and each one of them is different:

– Black Label – absolutely classic form, meaning clothing for the flourishing business man;

– HUGO Line- is clothing for the stylish and creative young people, people who always in motion, looking for maximum;

– Orange Label – is stylish casual clothing, by wearing it you feel yourself comfortably however this is not a sport wear only;

– Baldessarini – is refined luxury clothing for wealthy people;

– New line Selection – is stands between Black Label and Baldessarini. These are exclusive cloths, made with manual work and with very high quality;

– There is also a Green Label – this is the clothing of golf players, one of most expensive sports in the world.

In all his lines Hugo Boss always include perfumery and accessories.

In Hugo Boss collections the designers mostly use materials with wool basis and different additives or purely woolen materials.