Paul & Shark

Paul&Shark in IsraelHistory of Paul&shark is history of three generations. It all started in January 1921 when Giuseppe Daco founded his own factory and started to produce sweaters, blouses, gloves, socks, pull over’s and bathing suits.

His sport wear collection Daco exported to Iraq, Morocco, Palestine, Venezuela, Egypt and North America. Businesses were great until the war had started.

After the war ended, Daco decided to forward his business to his son Giovanni but even good traditions and good clothing quality could not hide sort of crisis the company had.

By that time, Jean Ludovic Dini got his interest in the company. Dini was chemist and textile business was unknown to him. Surprisingly he was the person who reestablished the company on 1957.

Where the name Paul&shark came from? Dini had two sons, Paolo and Claudio. Soon Paolo realized that family business is something that he able to succeed in. Paolo proved that he can be not only a good manufacturer but also man of art. Paolo literally lived in factory (his apartment was on the last floor of the factory) he himself designed models and came with different ideas of color combinations.

Little by little the company changed its name. Started with Maglificio Daco and Dama SpA and finishing with Paul&Shark. Duo Paul&Shark became suddenly like every good idea has.

Once during his sailing Dini noticed a brattice with title Paul&shark. At first, he named his company Dini&Shark but after wise it changed to his son’s name. Dark blue became Company’s symbolic color-color of sea.

Paul&Shark in IsraelAnother good idea was a special gift package. Whatever you buy, sweater, panama or belt, they all were wrapped into special metallic tubes which were used before only for whiskey or champagne bottles.

This special package appeared in all collections made by Paolo Dini and his Wife Marcia.

Shark tubes immediately cached the eyes of the buyers. By 1977 new brand was registered in Italy and 150 other countries. From San Remo to Portofino, from Cannes to Positano, yachts with Paul&Shark’s flags waving on were everywhere. The company was sponsor of international yachts competitions.

Paul&Shark and sea cannot be separated. Jackets made with water repellent material, super easy wind breakers for sea sports, diving costumes, with Paul&Shark clothing you were able to sail on any weather. Paul&Shark’s specialists traditionally gave special attention to the quality of clothes. Water repellent material named Typhoon was checked on 20 meters depth. This material able to survive pressure of 20000 water drops on sm2. It also defends from ultraviolet and allow air pass. On Paul&Shark tags you will find information about the material, instructions and flag of country there it was made. In addition to the tag you will receive a small book with other detailed characteristics of the product.

Paul&Shark have their own fashion philosophy. Their clothing cannot be called as sport clothing; it’s rather a holidays clothing whether you decided to spend your time in sea, forest or tennis court. It seems like the tradition to wear for forest trip something old left in the past. New seas pull over much comfortable to wear than the sweater that you dislike. On holidays by wearing clothes for ourselves it does not mean we should look worst than on usual days.

Beside the traditional blue color, Paul&Shark uses original combinations. Some of the colors founded on company’s shirts based on famous painters works.

Today Paul&Shark produce not only man clothing but also women line and children 4-14 age line. The famous accessory is shark made of white, yellow and red gold on leather lace.