Cesare Paciotti

Cesare Paciotti в Израиле“Foot wear is the key to your image”, states the designer Cesare Paciotti, and it difficult to disagree with him. Maestro himself long time ago had found the key to the hearts of his brand fans.

Cult Italian brand of Cesare Paciotti attracts by its aggressive design and refined sensuality.

Cesare Paciotti style is always recognized. The constant element with the form of dagger is the symbol of sharpness of universe understanding.

Overacted elegance, freedom and passion are key concepts for philosophy of this brand.

Cesare Paciotti’s company was rashly reached their creative success. In 1948 small shoe factory, specialized on classic foot-wear made by manual work only appeared on the map of Italian fashion industry, but already in the 80th is opened first Cesare Paciotti’s boutique opened in Milan.

Since then, the company significantly enlarged its possessions and opened stores in such large cities of Europe as Rome, Florence, Paris, London, and also in New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Abu- Dhabi and Kuwait.